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Our goal is to offer a team of specialized consultants to industry (automotive, ICT, chemical / pharmaceutical, finance, insurance, shipping, fashion, consumer / GDO, publishing, manufacturing), in order to ensure a thorough understanding of specificity of the commodity sector and the target market, the company structures and realities, the skills and required profiles and an updated network of contacts with companies and research firms and specialized selection. Our approach will ensure that client companies are always in compliance with the law, so important for modern organizations, as they comply with the law is not a cost but a real investment in order to not face much higher costs due sanctions, disruptions, and legal costs. Our team consists of qualified Lead Auditor, ready to intervene on the side of enterprises to carry out audits on site and to produce the required documentation of the Certification Body for evaluation, so as to ensure an outcome to the expectations, without delay, error-free and with a good chance of success. We work to improve the management of the company’s production process in an effective and focused and know find and fix the critical issues at every level, in the respect of those who are the current regulatory content. – Appleton Greene & Co Global

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Capacity-depth analysis

Appleton Greene & Co Global – To perform the services we make use of personnel using their knowledge, skills, experience and insight to simplify complex situations, analyze a problem and break it down into simpler parts so that you can solve. They are professionals who, in front of a customer request, they know how to make improvements through new ideas, but they also know how to use and enhance what is already there. Everything starts from a deep analysis of the company and using them understand concepts such as policy and quality objectives, environment and health and safety; we believe in this concept because the nourishment of the issues addressed otherwise creates culture, as often happens, the advice becomes only the concept of selling services, which are useful, but do not create it ties it added value inside. Our advice is aimed at any type of company where members of the management / board need tools and a method for improving business performance, but also to self-employed professional and business studies, who want to be amended to make the approach business, optimizing resources and progressively improving results, learning to implement specific strategies for change.

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Knowledge of companies

Appleton Greene & Co Global – We assist our clients by coordinating and maximizing the skills available and the efforts of all departments involved. We believe that every initiative to create value that lasts, must necessarily seek the correct balance between all the interests at stake. This for us is the fulcrum around which all of our operations management consulting. Do consulting means to collaborate and interact with customers to help them achieve their objectives through high business performance, so make the most of resources available. All consultancy work on the quality management system, environment and health and safety at work are customized and are made considering the specialist nature of each type of work. A certified company is synonymous with a well organized able to satisfy the implicit and explicit needs of its customers and, through continuous improvement, capable of facing growing competition and globalization of markets more efficiently and effectively. The management system for the quality serves to manage the processes of the entire organization, including identifying those related to system management, the provision of resources, product realization and measurement, in line with the objectives of development and improvement defined and planned by management. The reasons that lead companies to certification are: the need for organizational, increase customer satisfaction, demands of customers or markets, participation in tenders, advertising effect and obtaining financing.

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Communications management

Appleton Greene & Co Global – Communications plays in modern companies play an increasingly important role, ranking among the productive and strategic factors that can determine their success or failure. Fundamental to our consulting activities is communication with customers, presented with an appropriate mix of theory, case studies and support for faster assimilation of content. Our staff have excellent knowledge of the internet and all means of communication, as well as a good dose of creativity and analytical skills. We will develop the right strategies by analyzing the context in which the company operates, in order to identify market needs and tactics of competitors and assessing the probability of success of a new product or service and then schedule its communication relating to the launch on the market. Our consultants are able to implement management strategies, to allow companies to achieve the best results. We must therefore inform customers a concept that represents the unique value of management systems, studying a communication that is adaptable to different business contexts.

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Quality management

Appleton Greene & Co Global – Faced with a constant monitoring process and resource analysis, the direction will ensure the regularity and quality of services where possible thereby increasing the amount in order to meet every requirement for binding rules that will intervene in the matter. Every situation of non-compliance will be detected, known and appropriate inspection in order to avoid inefficiencies and does not prejudice the ongoing qualitative development of work activities. Therefore, the quality management system, environment and health and safety in the workplace, it will advance including, implemented and maintained at all levels with appropriate staff training initiatives. Our consultants are committed, therefore, to make a distinct and clear option in favor of the company’s organizational quality, aiming to steady growth of services offered coincident with the best professional know that you can provide to customers.

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Dr. Magnoni MA BBA Accredited Executive Consultant (AEC) at Appleton Greene

Appleton Greene & Co Global – Dr Magnoni is an approved Executive Consultant at Appleton Greene and he has experience in management, production and finance. He has achieved a Master in Organization’s Management, an Executive Master in Corporate Social Responsibility and a Bachelor of Economics. He has industry experience within the following sectors: Construction; Consultancy; Oil & Gas; Manufacturing and Energy. He has had commercial experience within the following countries: Italy; United Kingdom; France and Switzerland, or more specifically within the following cities: Milan; Rome; London; Paris and Zurich. His service skills incorporate: accounting; business management; CSR management; sustainability reporting and HSE management.

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20 Consulting Service Examples

Appleton Greene & Co

There are currently some 650 Accredited Consulting Services (ACS) provided by Appleton Greene worldwide. Here are 20 examples.

01. Business Administration
02. Business Development
03. Business Optimization
04. Crisis Management
05. Customer Development
06. Energy Management
07. Entrepreneurial Leadership
08. Investment Consulting
09. Marketing Optimization
10. Marketing Transformation
11. Process Excellence
12. Product Management
13. Risk Analysis
14. Soulful Leadership
15. Sustainable Development
16. Transitional Growth
17. Value Innovation
18. Retirement Planning
19. Change Strategy
20. Product Lifecycle

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